Dangers of Buying Cheap Fitted Wardrobes

7 Dangers of Buying Cheap Fitted Wardrobes

Understandably, people are always on the lookout for bargains nowadays. We are all conservative with our spending, even more so when it comes to big-ticket items like furniture whether it’s a chair or a wardrobe. This is especially true considering the current economic climate. I mean there are people out there who are struggling to pay their mortgages let alone thinking about doing home improvements.

However, when considering buying fitted wardrobes or any other furniture, you should think carefully before running out hunting for the lowest price someone will offer you.

Ok, what are the dangers of this mindset? Well, analogous to other home renovations (not as involved or fixed), installing fitted wardrobes should be treated as an investment in your home. Ideally, you would want to add value to your home. This is of course looking at the situation from a financial point of view. If you choose to sell your home sometime in the future, you want the most you can get for it. Just note that this advice isn’t simply limited to wardrobes.

Buying cheap fitted wardrobes can come with several potential dangers and drawbacks that you should be aware of:

1. Looks Cheap

So say if you bought cheap fitted wardrobes and installed them, they look cheap. This would not reflect well on the house value. A possible scenario might be that the potential buyer would think to themselves – “Gee, the house is great, but that wardrobe needs to go. It’s going to cost X dollars for me to remove, so I’m going knock that much off my offer price, otherwise it’s just not worth for me to buy”.

2. Inferior Quality Material

3. Not Truly Customized

Is the manufacturer cutting costs in some other ways? Maybe they are using off-the-shelf or merely modified standard products, which means what you get is not truly a fully customized fitted wardrobe. Or possibly, they won’t offer designing from an expert and that is left up to you alone without help. Are you going to be compromising on customer service? Will they factor into their build, components to prevent the growth of moulds inside the wardrobe (and hence on your clothes)?

cheap fitted wardrobes

4. Substandard Construction

Cheap fitted wardrobes may be poorly constructed, with weak joints, flimsy hardware, and a lack of proper reinforcements. This can lead to warping, sagging, or even collapse over time, especially when loaded with heavy items.

5. Inferior Finishes

The finishes used on cheap fitted wardrobes, such as laminate or paint, may be prone to chipping, peeling, or fading over time, affecting the overall appearance and durability of the wardrobe.

6. Limited Warranty and Support

What about guarantees or more importantly, insurance-backed guarantees? If they secretly know that what you buy from them won’t last more than 6 years, they might only guarantee the wardrobe for 5 years. If the company closes its operations, will it still be contractually obligated to make repairs to the wardrobe you bought from them?

7. Potential Safety Hazards

 In some cases, cheap fitted wardrobes may not comply with safety standards or regulations, potentially posing risks such as sharp edges, unstable construction, or the use of harmful materials or finishes.


While purchasing inexpensive fitted wardrobes can be tempting to save money upfront, it’s essential to consider the long-term costs and potential risks associated with subpar quality. Investing in higher-quality fitted wardrobes from reputable manufacturers may ultimately provide better value, durability, and peace of mind.

So to close off, be wary of what may look like saving money now but may become costly down the road. You should think of the long run.

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